All-Terrain Tip

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Millennial Medical's All-Terrain Tip - 

Product Description:

The All-Terrain Tip set is the best option when it comes to stability and functionality. This product features a wide body that provides stability and traction needed for daily use. In addition, the articulating feature of the crutch will allow a user to maintain maximum surface contact when in use. All-Terrain tips can be used with mobility aids that match the diameter of 11/16” (.7 inches or 18mm).

Product Features:

  • Multi-Surface Capable
  • Easy Install/Removal
  • Molded Grooves For Increased Traction
  • Large Base For Increased Stability
  • 60-Day Warranty When Purchased Direct Through Millennial Medical

    Customer Reviews

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    Worth a second try...

    These crutch tips were wonderful for my daughter’s crutches, in snow and on ice. So very disappointed one tip broke after just 6 weeks of use.
    But, be used they provided the stability needed to navigate through the cold Winter, I ordered another set.
    They arrived within a few days and she was back to going places in spite of the weather:)


    All-Terrain Tip

    Works Better On Snow

    The All-Terrain Tips work much better than regular tips on snow and ice. They don’t work as well as other ice tips I’ve had but are easier to put on. That is, easier for a guy to put on and I don’t have to change the tips whether I’m outside or inside. I was a bit concerned last winter when the tip of the crutch I use most of the time, split right at the end of the crutch. (sent a picture) They make my crutches heavier, so now I have new lighter (In-Motion) crutches for inside and my heavier all-terrain crutches for outside in the winter. I just have to be careful on pure ice. Diana Linda from Steamboat Springs

    All Terrain Tip

    After 4 months of heavy use, my last All Terrain Tips had to be replaced. Due to holiday mail delays, I spent a week using regular crutch tips and being limited in my activities. I highly recommend the All Terrain Tips for use on wet surfaces, soft or uneven ground, and sand!


    I have not received product yet !!!