Forearm Cuff Set

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In-Motion Pro Forearm Cuff Set

Product Description:

Our in-Motion Forearm Cuff Sets are injection molded to eliminate pain and discomfort that are caused by rivets and ill-designed hinges. The “V” design in the opening of the Cuff Sets allow for easy entry and allows the user to go hands free with the crutch.

Our hinge design also allows for cuffs to be easily attached and detached when rotated away from the handle. When the cuffs are rotated toward the handle and in use, the design does not allow the cuffs to snap in and out.

Our Cuff Sets are available in Large and Small sizes.

  • Large Cuff: Approx. 12.5” circumference and is approx. 4” across at the widest point.
  • Small Cuff: Approx. 9” circumference and is approx.. 3” across at the widest point.

Our Tall Size of in-Motion Pro Forearm Crutches comes with a small and large Cuff Set, while the Small Size of the in-Motion Pro Forearm Crutch only comes with a small Cuff set.