Lower Spring-Assisted Post

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Spring-Assisted Lower Post

Product Description:

*Designed for use with the in-Motion Pro Underarm and Forearm Crutches*

Our Spring-Assisted Lower Posts are designed to provide relief and comfort through the use of a spring action. The Spring-Assist feature allows the users weight to be absorbed when walking and take more of the strain off the joints of the user. The Spring-Assist feature is also the only feature on the market to give energy back to the user when in use. The Spring-Assist will absorb contact and then help guide you forward with 1/3rd less effort than traditional crutches.

We recommend that users replace their worn Spring-Assisted Lower Posts every 18 months to ensure proper performance.

Sold as Individual Pieces

Available Sizes:

Tall and Short

Available Colors:

Charcoal Grey, Black, Blue, Red, and White

Customer Reviews

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Have used these crutches for several years. Love them!

Already squeaky

I ordered a new lower spring assisted post to replace my previous one that had started squeaking with every step. Unfortunately, the new one is already starting to do the same thing!

Hey Rosemary, we are sorry to hear that this is a recurring issue for you. We want to take this opportunity to let you know that there is a solution to this problem, and we have made a video about this that is published on our website. These posts can become squeaky because the springs need lubricated from time to time. This is universal to almost all springs without a hydraulic component. Installing a hydraulic component to our springs would be messy and not cost-effective.

Thank you for leaving us a review however, we appreciate all feedback on our products.


Color wrong. Will be returning for replacement

Undoubtedly very satisfied with these products...

I'm a returning patient/customer knowing that I have no complaints whatsoever. Great stuff for those who know better .

Great purchase

I was glad to see the lower post for sale for my forearm crutch, it is cheaper than getting a whole new one! My shoulder was very happy, it had been sore and irritated because my stick needed to be replaced. These are the sturdiest and most comfortable crutches I have used, the only drawback is that i am right between 2 holes as my "ideal" height which means either I use it a little too short or a little too tall. But I have used them when kayaking, adaptive skiing and hiking. I will never get a different kind, I am a fan!