Rigid Post Crutch Tips

Rigid Post Crutch Tips

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Rigid Post Crutch Tips

Product Description:

*Designed for Rigid Lower Posts only*

The Rigid Crutch Tip is an articulating, durable crutch tip that will deliver on performance. Made of a high-quality Styro Butane Rubber composite to provide a longer life span than that of a traditional crutch tip. The articulating design allows the crutch tip to maintain maximum contact with the underlying surface, even at differing angles.

Product Features:

  • Articulating Design for Maximum Surface Contact
  • Molded Bottom Grooves for Better Grip
  • Latex-Free
  • Short-Term/Long-Term Solution

The inside diameter of this tip is - 25/32" 
(.787 inches or 2 centimeters)