In-Motion Pro Forearm Crutch Set

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Product Description:

The in-Motion Pro Forearm Crutch is designed to reduce impact on the wrist and hand, while reducing the harmful effects of Carpal Tunnel and nerve damage. The in-Motion Pro Forearm Crutch boasts many features including a true ergonomic handle and Spring-Assist feature in the lower posts. The Forearm Crutch Set will support users from 3’6”-6’3,” as well as a 350lb weight capacity. Each set of crutches includes a (1) one-year warranty when purchased direct through Millennial Medical.

Product Features:

  • True Ergonomic Handle
  • Fully Molded Cuffs (Small and Large Set)
  • Spring-Assisted Lower Posts
  • Articulating Crutch Tips
  • Heavy Duty Construction (350lb weight capacity)

Available Colors:

Tall: Black, Blue, Red

Short: Black and Red

Available Sizes:

Tall: 4’10”-6’3”

Short: 3’6”-4’9”

Sizing Guide for the In-Motion Pro Forearm Crutch

Customer Reviews

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This Company is Amazing!

This company is amazing! I had several injuries & from the first time I called, I was welcomed into the Millennial Medical family. I cannot say enough about my crutches, these are the only ones I can use because of the spring in the bottom. Mobility means everything & these have improved my life greatly! I recently had to call & Cody went beyond making sure I was good. I can honestly say this company cares about their customers. Nowadays this is a rare quality. They will never know how much they have helped me! Get ready Cody because people stop me all the time to ask me about my crutches & where I bought them!