LifeCrutch Set

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• Ergonomic Handles - Unique and ergonomic design keeps wrists in natural position, helps prevent Carpal Tunnel and sore wrists caused by traditional crutches

• Articulating Crutch Tips – 75-100% of surface coverage at all times to assist in a secure footing.

• Strong Construction - Made to last and can support users up to 300 lbs • Shape - Designed to encourage proper posture in motion.

• Fits users approximately 4’6” to 6’7''(54” – 79”) (with 19 height adjustments)

• Height from floor to underarm cradle: 42'' to 61''

• Handle adjusts from 46.5'' and lower.

Designed to improve comfort on your wrists and underarms, this crutch is the future of fashionable meets functionality. The unique shape helps encourage proper posture as you stay active in your recovery. The Life crutch becomes a universal answer to all sizes tall and short (4' 6" - 6"7"). Equipped with an articulating tip to gain better footing across most surfaces. The Life Crutch comes in Silver and when purchased comes with a 30 day warranty. If you are a long term daily user we would recommend the "In-Motion Pro Crutch".

Sizing Guide for the Life Crutch