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Why are millennial medical crutches better?

Millennial Medical crutches were created and improved through 34 medical studies, product research and consumer feedback. We went beyond having a "neat design" and sought to prove our crutches durability, comfort and innovation through rigorous testing and retesting. No other crutch has been innovated to combine all of the features included in Millennial crutches at an affordable price.

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Ergonomic Handles:

Ergonomics is the science concerned with creating the best ‘fit’ between people and their tools or environments. Millennial Medical’s ergonomic handles create the correct fit by using a slight downward angle to align the bones in the arm and hand. Our correct ergonomic design eliminates the pain caused by incorrectly positioned bones putting pressure on the carpal tunnel area.

Incorrect hand position on crutchesIncorrect hand position on crutchesRed X

Above: The two pictures show the incorrect hand positions and the negative effects that it can have on the hand and wrist.

Below: The two pictures below show a correctly positioned hand due to the ergonomic handles that our crutches support. The ergonomic handles are a staple when using crutches long-term.

Correct Ergonomic hand positioning on crutchesCorrect ergonomic hand positioning on crutchesGreen Check

How do we stack up with the competition?

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