Who is millennial medical?

Millennial Medical has created the world’s best crutches. How did we do it? Our team of doctors, engineers and prototype users took 3 years of careful development, based on 34 medical studies citing the harmful side effects of traditional crutches, to clinically refine the design. The crutch was finally completed at the end of 2005 and awarded the National Merit Award for the product that most improves the quality of life. We didn’t stop there. The following years have brought continued improvements to the quality, comfort, and innovation of our crutches. We promise to ensure our products remain the best, most innovative crutches available.

Meet the team

OzSteel Cody
  • Left: OZ: The Wizard
  • Center: Steel: The Only Sane One
  • Right: Cody: Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all

Our Location:

Millennial Medical is based out of St. George, Utah. Our Corporate Address is below: PO BOX 2286, St. George, UT 84771

Our Warehouse/Main Location is below: