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Hear from our crutch users


Here at Millennial Medical, we are completely focused on providing products that will benefit our users short-term and long-term. We take pride in creating a product that will stand the test of time and be able to take all the wear that you can throw at it. We invite you to check out this page to gain an insight on the type of products that we offer and the level of quality that we provide.

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Written Testimonials

"Idid not like the spring action of the original lower legs. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me new legs without the spring at no charge. Incredible customer service, amazing product. These are the best crutches I've ever used, and I've used crutches for over 40 years for various injuries. Now I'm an amputee and these are by far the best crutches to use in a situation like mine." - Jeff

"Ilove these forearm crutches because they are comfortable to use. Hand grips are really nice and the pad springs are great! They reduce pressure on wrist, elbows and shoulders. Materials and construction seems solid. I'm getting around with much less pain." - Jalene

"Very comfortable crutches compared to the standard crutches issued. The spring really absorbs most of the shock, allowing you to walk longer with less pain or discomfort. I highly recommend them." - Chris