Forearm Cuffs

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In-Motion Forearm Cuffs

In-Motion Cuffs are injection molded to eliminate uncomfortable rivets and hinges. The “V” design opening of the cuff allows for easy entry and still enables users to go hands free with the crutch.

The hinge design also allows for cuffs to be snapped in and out when rotated away from from the handle.  This makes cuffs easy to change or replace.  When the cuff is rotated above the handle and in use, this same design does not allow the cuffs to snap out when in operational position.

The large cuff has approximately a 12.5" circumference, and is approximately 4" across at the widest point. 

The small cuff has approximately a 9" circumference, and is approximately 3" across at the widest point. 

The large cuff comes standard on the Tall Forearm crutch.

The small cuff comes standard on the Short Forearm crutch.