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In-Motion/LifeCrutch Tips

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In-Motion Articulating Tips fit all of our In-Motion Spring Assist Products as well as our LIFECRUTCH line - product numbers  MWD8500, MWD6000, MWD6500, MWD5600, MWD7000, & MWD7500.

Articulating crutch tips are made of a high quality composite which contributes to the long life of the tip.  These specially designed tips give greater stability because the foot of tip remains in contact with the ground’s surface at all angles.  This eliminates dangerous sheer forces, the lack of traction, and uneven wear typical with the standard style crutch tip.  These tips are Latex free.

The inside diameter of this tip is - 11/16" 
(.7 inches or 18 millimeters)


Customer Reviews

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Wondering where it is and what’s going on.

I can not rate what I have not received yet, seems like your quality control has gone down hill over the years. I filed a complaint about crutches bending after a few month with no answer and now it has been two weeks with no replacement tips for another pair of crutches that keeps passing plate though crutch tips at a rate of one every two weeks.

In-motion crutch tips

Fit the crutch well. Would’ve given 5 stars if there was more “traction” on the bottom; become completely smooth fairly quickly. Wear out fast when a crutch is used as primary mobility aid. Love the fact that the entire bottom of the tip is on the ground at all times, which is why I selected the In-motion crutches. They are a great product - would be nice if the tips held up longer.

Crutch tips! Crutch tips!

My new crutches of course came with new tips. However one of the tips lasted 3 day’s before it came apart and was unsafe and unusable.
These Are great crutches, I’d say the best on the market but the tips are horrible! This is my 4th pair of crutches from you. And all the new crutches have tip problems. At least all of mine have needed new tips.

Excellent Service and love the new All-Terrain tip.

I was in desperate need of some new tips for my daughter's favorite in-motion fore-arm crutches (she has two pairs) and they are her primary mobility aid. Millennial Medical shipped them within an hour of ordering...very much appreciated! She also tried out the All-terrain tip which really is a must have in our snowy, icy Canadian winters.

Crutch Tips

Excellent service and quick shipping! A+