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Articulating Tips

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In-Motion Articulating Tips fit all of our In-Motion Spring Assist Products as well as our LifeCrutches. 

Our specially designed articulating crutch tips are made of a high-quality (Latex Free) composite, contributing to the articulation, even wear on surface contact area, and the total lifespan of the articulating tip. In addition, these specially designed tips help to give better stability because of the increased contact surface area throughout the gait pattern, which can also help reduce the shear forces. The potential increased surface contact will help reduce the uneven wear characteristic of the conventional A-frame crutch designs, which have remained largely the same for decades.

Item Code - TP6A

*Notice- these tips are not compatible with rigid posts. Rigid posts require the TP8 tips only.  

*Tips are sold as a pair. 

The inside diameter is - 11/16" 
(.7 inches or 18 millimeters)

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Sarah Copeland
Don’t last long

I have been through 3 crutch tips in the 12 weeks I’ve been on crutches. Very very frustrating. Good while they last, though.

Sarah Bittner
Replacement of boots for my forearm crutches

As always it fits great . And I love it whenever I need too get new booths put on my crouches I just order them and ship’s very quickly as well , thank you for creating these products last 25 years being physically disabled and I never had products that is such high quality, for last 5 years I have been very happy with your company products. Have great day👍👍

Barbara Tosi
Bad color tips

The tips I purchased from you several weeks go are terrible. They are black and leave a black color smudge everywhere I use the crutch. Is there any fix for this? Or should I just go back to my traditional crutches???? Love to get an answer from you…….

Articulating tips

I have tried several different types of tips. I know these work best for me. I'm now on my third set of crutches I just wish the tips would last a little longer. I have a spare set of tips in my car and old pair of crutches for backup my friends tell me I just need to learn to sit still that's not happening

Nancy Muir
Awesome crutches but tips wear out way too fast

I have used In-Motion forearm crutches periodically for the past few years. I am on my second pair of crutches. My previous ones from 2019 held up relatively strong through my post-op activities. I have been using my new pair of crutches pretty regularly for the past 13 weeks and am already on my 4th set of tips. I am not sure if the product changed between 2019 and 2021, but I can't figure out why I am blowing through tips. I love these crutches so much that I haven't wanted to change brands, but I'm back online ordering more spare sets of tips. I never leave home without a spare set since it becomes quite dangerous quickly if I blow through the bottoms - especially on smooth floor surfaces. Yikes!