In-Motion Pro Forearm Crutch Set

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Product Description:

The in-Motion Pro Forearm Crutch is designed to reduce impact on the wrist and hand, while reducing the harmful effects of Carpal Tunnel and nerve damage.

This crutch boasts many features including a true ergonomic handle and Spring-Assist feature in the lower posts. The Forearm Crutch Set will support users from 3’6”-6’3,” as well as a 350lb weight capacity.

Each set of crutches includes a (1) one-year warranty when purchased direct through Millennial Medical.

Product Features:

  • True Ergonomic Handle
  • Fully Molded Cuffs (Small and Large Set)
  • Spring-Assisted Lower Posts
  • Articulating Crutch Tips
  • Heavy Duty Construction (350lb weight capacity)

Available Colors:

Tall: Black, Blue, Red

Short: Black and Red

Available Sizes:

Tall: 4’10”-6’3”

Short: 3’6”-4’9”

In-Motion Pro Forearm Sizing Guide                          

  • Wear the shoes you will most commonly wear while using the crutches.
  • Standing upright with good posture, measure from the floor to your hip.
  • Using this information, look at the range of handle heights in the Short and Tall In-Motion Pro Forearm crutches listed below.
  • Choose the crutch the fits your sizing specifications.

In-Motion Underarm Product Options

In-Motion Forearm Short (7000BK)

Floor to handle height – 21” to 28.5” with 13 sizing positions.

In-Motion Forearm Tall (7500BK, 7500BL, 7500R)

Floor to handle height – 28” to 40” with 15 sizing positions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great Crutch Set

I love my new crutches and will order another pair. They are light weight and they keep me upright when walking. I was hesitant about ordering them because online, the ergonomic hand grip looked so bulky, rather ugly and unusual and hard to grip. But the hand grip actually works well and don't look bulky, ugly or unusual at all. They take some getting used to but so far, they are the best pair of crutches I've ever had. I gave a 4 rating only because the paint chips too easily. When I removed the label from one of my black crutches, some of the paint peeled off on the label. Both crutches have several chips.


Great crutches! Awesome improvement from regular crutches and supportive without being uncomfortable!

In Motion Crutch Set

I am very pleased with these crutches. Love how sturdy the hand grips are and spring motion of crutches. Also the inclusion of 2 size arm cuffs and extra tips are a plus!

Great customer service and product

Exceptional customer service and product quality.

No problem

Delivery was perfect and assembly was easy. These were a replacement for 10 yr old crutches that were run over by a car. New ones were exactly the same and work great.