in-Motion Pro Underarm Crutches

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The in-Motion Pro Underarm Crutch is designed to reduce the impact on the wrist and underarm areas while also giving energy back to the user for improved mobility.

The in-Motion Pro boasts a variety of features, including a true ergonomic handle and a Spring-Assist Feature. As a result, this patented technology has reduced the risks of harmful effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and nerve damage for thousands of customers. Thus, making it the best crutches available on the market. 

It comes in various sizes and colors, fitting users from 4’9”- 7’3” while maintaining the ability to fold in half for compact, easy transport.

With our comprehensive product line, revolutionary technology, and company philosophy of exceptional customer service, rest assured that by buying your crutches today, you will never need to worry about where to buy crutches again. 

Preferred by professional athletes and healthcare professionals.  

*Each purchase through our website includes a (1) one-year warranty. 

This product has the following features:

  • Spring Assist Technology
  • Articulating Crutch Tips
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Folding Capability
  • Heavy Duty Metal Construction (<500lb user capacity)

Available Colors:

X-Tall: Charcoal Grey

Tall: Charcoal Grey, Blue, Red, White

Short: Charcoal Grey, Blue, Red, White

Available Sizes:

X-Tall: 5’10-7’3”

Tall: 5’7”-6’9”

Short: 4’9”-5’8”

In-Motion Pro Underarm Sizing Guide                                    

  • Wear the shoes you will most commonly wear while using the crutches.
  • Standing upright with good posture, measure from the floor to your underarm.
  • Using this information, look at the range of heights in the Short and Tall In-Motion Pro Underarm listed below.
  • Choose the crutch the fits your sizing specifications.

In-Motion Underarm Product Options

In-Motion Pro Short (6000C)

Floor to Underarm Cradle – 42.5” to 50.5” with 11 sizing positions.

In-Motion Pro Tall (6500C)

Floor to Underarm Cradle – 50” to 62.5” with 15 sizing positions.

In-Motion Pro X-Tall (5600C)

Floor to Underarm Cradle – 54” to 66” with 15 sizing positions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
THE best!!

I cannot say enough about how amazing these crutches are! I’ve been using them for 4 years now (cannot walk without them) and they’ve held up very well. The spring action makes them like the Cadillac of all crutches. I’ve tried all kinds of crutches over the years, but none outperform the In-Motion Pro underarm crutches. The handle took some getting used to, but now I wouldn’t want any but this type. The underarm design makes them convenient to hold under my arm (not leaning on them)if I’m standing still and need to use my hands to do something else, like signing a paper at the checkout clerk’s window. You won’t regret purchasing these!

Excellent Product, Superb Customer Service

These crutches have been instrumental in helping me get around post knee surgery. They are significantly more comfortable than what was given to me at the hospital and have allowed me to keep up with my 14mo old so I don’t miss out on any memories. I knew the product would be good (was recommended by a few PT’s I talk to and I’ve seen a few football players using them) but I didn’t expect the service to stand out. I first tried to order this product through a 3rd party, and there was going to be a 2 week delay after my surgery date for me to get the crutches. So I cancelled the order—but Clint reached out to me and coordinated an expedited delivery. I was super impressed! Thanks so much to Clint and everyone at Millennial!

Great crutch

My PT recommended this crutch and I really like it. Comfortable to use and collapses for stowaway on the plane

Totally Worth The Price!

I have had 7 knee surgeries in the last 19 years so I have used ever crutch on the market! Traditional crutches, forearm crutches and Millennial crutches. Theses are hands down the BEST EVER. The spring action relieves the under arm pressure. The ergonomic handles provide comfortable grips. The round thin under arm profile makes using them for an extended period of time so easy. I own two pair just for color options!

Great company with quality service!

The smaller one did not work out for me so they sent me the larger size at no cost which works great! I use them every day. Their customer service is what sets this company apart. Very good experience and easy to use crutches and they do not slip like the others. It is hard to find a company you can call and talk to a person who makes it right for the customer. I will be letting others know!