in-Motion Pro Underarm Crutch Master Pack

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The In-Motion Pro Underarm Crutch is designed to reduce the impact on the wrist and underarm, reducing the possible harmful effects of nerve damage and carpal tunnel syndrome. With various size and color options that can fit any user, approximately 4’6” to 7’2” you will never need to worry about where to buy crutches again. 

Preferred by professional athletes and healthcare professionals. 

Each purchase through our website includes a (1) one-year warranty. 

This product has the following features:

  • Spring Assist Technology
  • Articulating Crutch Tips
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Folding Capability
  • Heavy Duty Construction (<500lb user capacity)

Crutch Pad Description: 

This set of pads have been designed for the users who need a little more comfort on the sides of their body. These pads are made of closed-cell foam and a soft cloth exterior to not irritate the skin. However, the larger flap goes against the body, and you still want to use the crutches with the correct upright position. This is a set of 2 pads- One for the right and left sides. This pad also fits both the Tall and Short sizes.
Tip Set Description:


Articulating crutch tips are made of a high-quality stryo butane rubber composite (Latex-Free) which contributes to the long life of the tip.  This specially designed tip gives greater stability because the foot of the tip remains in more contact with the ground’s surface at all angles.  This eliminates dangerous sheer forces, the lack of traction, and uneven wear typical with the standard style crutch tip.  


*Sold as a pair.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Vivian Wideman

These are the best crutches ever! Comfortable, east to use, easy assembly, very sturdy!

Greg Roddy

Worked with Cody on two occasions and was very happy with the level of service with this company. Everyone there goes out of their way to be helpful as I've used their products for years and have always been extremely happy.

John Smith
Great crutch. Sturdy, comfortable (with $30 extra arm pad), tips feel secure - but not good on we...

See above.

Alicia Miller
Great crutches

These make getting around pretty easy

Susan Williams
Great crutch! Great service!

I have been on my life crutch for over a year. Needed new tips, went to the website, and saw the Pro-crutch. Needed help ordering, so I called the company. Got the much needed help, and got the crutches in three days. They are SO much more comfortable!! They feel like they were custom made for me! When you need them long term, the difference in the price is NOTHING!! I even got the pretty blue ones with the underarm pads. The company fort is incredible!!! Thank you Life Crutch!!