Lower Spring-Assisted Post

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Spring-Assisted Lower Post

Product Description:

*Designed for use with the in-Motion Pro Underarm and Forearm Crutches*

Our Spring-Assisted Lower Posts are designed to provide relief and comfort through the use of a spring action. The Spring-Assist feature allows the users weight to be absorbed when walking and take more of the strain off the joints of the user. The Spring-Assist feature is also the only feature on the market to give energy back to the user when in use. The Spring-Assist will absorb contact and then help guide you forward with 1/3rd less effort than traditional crutches.

We recommend that users replace their worn Spring-Assisted Lower Posts every 18 months to ensure proper performance.

Sold as Individual Pieces

Available Sizes:

Tall and Short

Available Colors:

Charcoal Grey, Black, Blue, Red, and White