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USED - in-Motion Pro Underarm Crutch

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Same great crutch but with a little cosmetic wear and tear. These crutches are being sold for a discounted price because they cannot be sold in new condition. The reason that these crutches are discounted because they are either used or they contain scratches/blemishes in which we cannot sell as new. These are fully functional crutches with no issues other than small cosmetic issues. 

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin Kirby
Damaged box not damaged Crutches

My Grandson broke his hip at Motocross practice. The hospital sent him home after surgery non-weight bearing for six weeks using cheap aluminum crutches. I am a Family Physician and remembered reading about new crutch designs that were more ergonomically appropriate. I researched and found with the In-motion Pro crutches. I thought these would work well for our situation. We asked a Primary Care, NP who saw my Grandson, for a Derm issue, if he would help us by ordering the crutches so we might get Insurance to pay for them. He, the NP, then told me how these crutches were only meant for the chronically gait disabled not for sports injuries. I bit my tongue and refrained from moving to the next screen on my IPad showing an NBA player using the crutch in rehab. I have worked with NP’s and PA’sfor years. Unfortunately some have Ego’s, like some Physicians, which impair their ability to provide good care. Since we would not be able to get insurance to cover—granted I could have called and asked the Orthopod, but the Price—about $70-80for the “used” vs the ~$120 for new wasn’t worth the effort to call. The crutches came in a damaged original box. The crutches themselves are as Brand New and function as designed. When we saw the Orthopod at Childrens hospital they noted that looked like a much more functional crutch than the usual. Covid—I was not allowed in the building to meet her. MyGrandson finds the crutches much easier and comfortable to use. The Orthopod visit also ended up noting he had a radial stolid fracture as well. I think the ergonomic design may have helped hide the pain from that fracture.

Joseph Williams
Terrible cheap shot

Very disappointed with the quality of crutches keep getting less and less and the color of red (pinkish) you use now that’s probably why they was sent back to start with I’ve bought near 20 pair of red ones that are darker red suitable for elderly man not the new ones there more for teenage girl I will start looking for another brand I got suckered this time nice to treat a long returning customer like crap !!! Thanks but no thanks just like tips used to last six months now lucky to get 1 1/2 months now with price more than doubled call me 8157915106 anytime. Joe

Michael Fujita
Great crutch!

I'm 5'9" but have a short inseam so the small worked perfect. These are the best crutches I've used, including forearm crutches. And although advertised as "Used" they appear to be brand new! I'd recommend these to anyone needing crutches.

Charlie Fellers

Received in timely fashion have been using the every day with no problems

Leroy Johnson
Best service. Oz was super professional!!!

Purchased used pair of crutches that are Basically brand new!!!! I love them