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I commend the excellent service I received from your employee, Cody. In today's world it is unusual to receive this type of personal service. It was a pleasure doing business with your company.


Excellent customer service is the number one job in any company. It is the personality of the company and the reason customers stay with you, return, and refer you to others. Millennial Medical provide top shelf crutches combined with first rate customer service! I'd would give six stars if possible! Extra thanks to Steel for going above and beyond to assist me with a unique need!


I recently lost a pair of Millennial Medical's in-Motion Crutches that I use daily. I had just replaced an older pair for a new one a few weeks earlier and a another new pair wasn't in my budget. I called in and explained my predicament to a gentleman named Cody. His customer service was fantastic! Cody understood my urgent need for a replacement crutch and my budgetary issues. He arranged for me to purchase only one crutch, at a discounted price, which then allowed me to afford quick shipping. He was courteous, caring and helpful. 


Wow! What an awesome customer service! Cody rocks! He was so helpful to me. I needed spare crutch tips. My son is huge and blew out one of the tips. I ordered them to ship UPS 2nd Day. They arrived 7 days later. To make a long story short- Cody called UPS. Got me a complete refund and refunded me for the tips because it took so long!!!! Totally love how they take care of their customers!!!! That’s what it should be all about!!!!


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